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School Council Diary

You can see everything our School Council has been involved with so far this year, as well as events that are on the horizon by clicking on our diary link above. We're very busy!

Our School Council

Our School Council is very important to us and all councillors play a very active role throughout our school. Each class has a council representative and they meet regularly to discuss new and existing initiatives.

This year, children have nominated themselves and canvassed for their peers' support. Class elections have been held and votes cast. This year's school councillors are:

Head Councillor (selected for an oustanding contribution from the previous year's council)




Early Years Foundation Stage Councillors






Year 1 Councillors






Year 2 Councillors






Year 3 Councillors






Year 4 Councillors






Year 5 Councillors





Year 6 Councillors





Roles and responsibilities

Each year every class elects a councillor to represent the interests of their class within the school council. All councillors work with Mr Garry and Mrs Farnell to bring about positive changes to our school; changes that should, first and foremost, enhance the experiences of all children at Allanson Street Primary School.

The councillors take part in regular council meetings that are chaired by Mr Garry. All councillors participate equally during these meetings and all decisions are reached democratically through a vote.
The role of 'Head Councillor' is a new role and was created with the view that the experience from last year's councillors should not be disregarded. Therefore, one councillor from the previous year, a councillor who demonstrated outstanding commitment and enthusiasm, is selected by Mr Garry to serve another term. The chosen councillor acts as a mentor to the new councillors and Deputy to Mr Garry.

Last Year in Summary

Last year our council were involved in a waste reduction programme which targeted:

  • To reduce food waste-the council weighed food waste in our canteen to track waste. A target of reducing our daily waste to 10kg was set and we continue to work towards this.
  • To compost vegetable waste-fruit bins have been placed on playgrounds and vegetable peelings are collected from the canteen. Three large compost bins have been placed on our school field.?
  • To recycle paper and card waste-Councillors collect paper and card waste from every?classroom at the end of each day and place in designated recycling bins.


Previous updates:

UPDATE March 2018: Our fantastic School Council have been shortlisted as a finalist in the Echo Environment Awards 2018. This is in recognition for all the hard work and achievements they have made in reducing plastic waste around school. The awards night will be held?on 26th April 2018. Wish us luck!?

UPDATE February 2018: The School Council have launched this spring's Eco Initiative, 'The Problem with Plastic', and so far have held a whole school assembly, carried out an audit of single use plastics (SUPs) around school, introduced plastic recycling facilities and replaced plastic straws throughout school with reusable silicone straws for all our milk drinking children (Nursery-Year 2). We can now proudly declare that we are a 'PLASTIC STRAW FREE SCHOOL' (the only one, we believe, in England). 

UPDATE November 2017:

Councillors have been recruiting librarians for our school library. This has involved handing out application forms, shortlisting applicants, creating interview questions and, of course, interviewing the candidates. Interviews took place Tuesday afternoon and successful candidates will be informed by Thursday.

UPDATE October 2017:
The School Council addressed the school today and announced that they would like the support of all children in school. They are seeking suggestions for how to improve school life for all children at Allanson Street Primary School. Suggestions can come in the form of ideas, concerns or observations. All suggestions are to be posted in the School Council box outside Mr Garry's classroom.

UPDATE October 2017:
Congratulations to all of the?councillors who were elected by their peers to serve as Class Councillor within the School Council. A special congratulations to this year's, and our first, Head Councillor?who was selected to?serve another term by?Mr Garry after a year of dedication and enthusiasm.

UPDATE September 2017:
Election for Class Councillors will be held over the coming two weeks. Children who wish to put themselves forward for this role will?nominate themselves as a candidate and canvas support from their peers. Voting will be held and the results?will be kept secret until Medal Assembly on Friday 29th September. All elected councillors will receive a certificate and badge.

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