Thank you to everyone for their enthusiasm about attending our new Reading Comp Club!

Monday was overwhelmingly the most popular day. Even on slips where other days were selected, Monday was also selected. If anybody is unable to attend on Monday, I am incredibly sorry but I have tried to choose a day that suits the most families. Perhaps there is another family member who can attend in your absence? Also, if you have siblings or cousins that are in school then one adult is able to attend for both children.

What will we do?

Mr Garry has selected a great chapter book for us to read through each week (one chapter a week). We will then answer comprehension questions about that chapter. These questions are styled on the new reading assessments that children now sit each year (in preparation for Year 6). It is great practise for your child (and actually quite fun) as well as also being a great opportunity for you to see how we teach children to comprehend what they are reading.

All children will also choose a brand new book to borrow and take home. The idea is that you will use the tips and ideas from the sessions to practise, using your new book, at home.

We will also visit our school library together and choose more books to borrow and take home.

There are so many opportunities here to get your hands on lovely, high quality books that you can take home and enjoy together. Completely free of charge!

Thank you once again for your enthusiasm around this club and I very much look forward to seeing you all after school next Monday!

Reading Comp Club starts Monday 14th November from 3:30 to approximately 4:30.

Mr Garry