• Mr D Billinge -  Teacher
  • Mrs N Onyett -  Teacher
  • Mrs  H Carberry - TA
  • Mrs L Doolan - TA 1-1
  • Miss C Pilling - TA 1-1
  • Mrs B Conlin - TA 1-1
  • Miss L Flaherty - TA 1-1


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Latest Class News

Trip to Theatre Royal

Sunday 27th November 2016 - When: Monday 5th December at 12.20. (Straight after lunch) Children may take a small amount of sweets and a small drink carton. We will be slightly late arriving school. Can parents of bus children make alternative arrangements.   Read More

Reading Comprehension Club

Monday 7th November 2016 - Thank you to everyone for their enthusiasm about attending our new Reading Comp Club! Monday was overwhelmingly the most popular day. Even on slips where other days were selected, Monday was also selected. If anybody is unable to attend on... Read More


Saturday 9th July 2016 - SEPTEMBER 2016  WELCOME TO YEAR 4 All previous entries have been deleted in preparation for a new year. Read More

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