• Mr J Garry - Teacher
  • Mrs Hawkins - Teacher
  • Miss McCallian -  TA
  • Miss McDonald -  1:1 TA
  • Miss Slater -  1:1 TA
  • Mrs Green -  1:1 TA
  • Mrs Cavaliere - 1:1 TA
  • Miss Flaherty - 1:1 TA
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Class News

Egyptian Food Making

Sunday 29th October 2017

As part of our 'Landing Event' to bring our topic on the Mediterranean to a close, our children made their very own Egyptian falafel and hummus.

For our falafel we needed chickpeas, onion, parsley, garlic, cummin, corriander and chilli powder.

For our hummus we needed chickpeas, garlic, tahini paste, cummin and paprika.  

All the children really enjoyed trying our exciting and new Egyptian foods. We had a great day and we have loved our topic on the Mediterranean!

Want to see more pictures? Check out our photo gallery!  

French Day

Saturday 30th September 2017

On Friday, all children in Year 3 enjoyed a lovely French day as part of our current topic on the Mediterranean. The children all looked fantastic as they spent the day dressed in all things 'French'. During the course of the day the children took part in lots of French activities including constructing their own Eiffel Tower out of art straws, making Matisse Eggs using balloons and cut out strips of coloured card. We also enjoyed a French banquet! The children were able to try all sorts of French favourites such as: pain au chocolat, brioche, crepes, baguette, croissant, brie, roule and roquefort.

Bon appetit!

School Council News

Saturday 30th September 2017

During Friday's Medal Assembly, Mr Garry announced this year’s new School Council Representatives. During the previous weeks, children in all classes had taken part in a class vote to elect a Class Councilor. All elected councilors stood up at the front of assembly and received a certificate and councilor badge. Councilors will hold their first meeting during the course of next week. 

This year was different, however, as Mr Garry had decided to seek the election of candidates from both the Infant and Early Years departments so that the whole school would be represented in our council. Two representatives have been elected from Year 1 and again from Year 2. Two representatives have also been elected from Reception. These two councilors will act as representatives of the whole of EYFS until the summer term when a nominated member from both morning and afternoon nursery will take up the role. In addition to these changes, a member from last year's school council was nominated to serve another term under the position of 'Head Councilor'. This councilor will oversee the running of the school council with Mr Garry and will act as a mentor to all new councilors. 

Many congratulations to all those who were successfully elected by their peers. Your class clearly has a lot of faith in you and as a school, we too all have faith that you all will bring a positive contribution to our school over the course of the year. 


The elected members from all year groups are as follows:

EYFS - Sienna Houghton & Emily Swift

Year 1 - Ethan Walls & Alex Winstanley

Year 2 - Harley Letts & Lacey Mcevoy

Year 3 - Grace Langton & Rebecca Ashton

Year 4 - Olivia Mower & Charlotte Ashton

Year 5 - Mia Greenwood & Clayton Grimes

Year 6 - Alex Jonkers & Molly Davies

Head Councilor - Alesha Johnston 

Chairperson - Mr Garry


Tuesday 19th September 2017

This week all children received their brand new bookbags. Their bags were pretty full because they included:

•home reading books

These are colour banded and match your child's current reading ability. 

•library book

Your child chooses these themselves and are sent home to enjoy together (reading for pleasure) 

•White reading record

Use these as your primarily communication tool with your child's class teacher. Children receive Dojos for every comment entered (up to a 10 week-that's serious)


Sent home every Friday and to be returned by the end of the following week. Return RIVERs to school, complete maths activities online and spellings/timestables are tested on Friday. Check white record books for your child's weekly scores 💯

•log-in cards for free e-books (reading, maths homework (, Purple Mash (

•a St Helens library joining form-if not already a member of St Helens libraries, please complete this form and return to your nearest library (Parr/Central etc...) it's completely free!

Although our junior children are very grown up now, we know that many still rely on your support to help organise themselves. Please help your help to remember their bookbags everyday and of course make sure that everything that should be there, is there, ready for a day of learning. Please keep bookbags and their contents safe. Thank you. 😬

Useful websites:


Handy tip: 'gadget time' can be learning time but consider monitoring your child's usage. As the saying goes: 'Too much of a good thing....

Weekly News 15.09.17

Monday 18th September 2017

Weekly News

Firstly, can Mr Garry and Mrs Hawkins warmly welcome all our new junior children (and families) at the beginning of what will be an exciting, fun and valuable year. It's been a lovely first week with lots of engaging activities including:

•pizza making to launch our new Mediterranean topic 🍕 

•We've also visited our school library to check books out so they can be enjoyed at home 📚 

•Parents were also invited to attend our Parents' Transition Meeting on Friday and we enjoyed a huge turnout. Thank you for being so enthusiastic about supporting your child's learning 👨🏼‍🏫👩🏻‍🏫👫👭👬

Medal winners 

This week's medal winners are:

James 🥇👏🏻

Reece P🥇👏🏻

Olivia L🥇👏🏻

Bethany 🥇👏🏻


Word of the week:

Saunter-to walk at a relaxed speed. 

'While waiting for their flight, they sauntered around the airport Duty Free.' 


School council

Children in each class are currently nominating themselves if they wish to be considered for the position of Class Councillor. Voting is taking place over this week and next and results for all councillors will be revealed in Medal Assembly on Friday 29th September. ✖️

Useful websites:


Handy tip: 'gadget time' can be learning time but consider monitoring your child's usage. As the saying goes: 'Too much of a good thing....

Reading Club Story Barn Trip

Tuesday 18th July 2017

What a lovely day our children and families enjoyed at The Story Barn, Liverpool. Children and parents who attended the majority of Reading Club sessions were invited along as a reward to enjoy a trip at the Story Barn. All photos have been uploaded to the Year 3 gallery so feel free to have a nosey at the fun that was enjoyed. Well done to everyone who attended the 10 Reading Comprehension sessions earlier in the year and worked so hard on developing their reading skills (in school and at home). Thank you fo a lovely day!

Want to visit The Story Barn yourself?


Friday 21st April 2017

Trip: Liverpool World Museum

Thursday 2nd March 2017