• Mrs L Boydell – Teacher
  • Mrs M McLoughlin – Teacher
  • Miss E Jones - Teacher 
  • Mrs T Helsby – TA
  • Miss D Byron – TA
  • Miss J Brunskill - TA
  • Mrs C Heyes - 1:1 TA
  • Miss L Flaherty - 1:1 TA
  • Miss J Brown - 1:1 TA
  • Miss L Willmitt - 1:1 TA
  • Miss S Wilton - 1:1 TA
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 A list of useful resources that will help you with your homework or for you to find out more about what you have learned at school.

Phonics Play games. Click on either Phase 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 to play games that will help your child practice blending sounds to read them in real words and in nonsense words.

Nocturnal Animals

More nocturnal animals see them in the dark and then turn the light on. (Don't be scared by the crocodile or the wo wo wo wo WOLF)

BBC bitesize (KS1) for younger children

BBC bitesize (KS2) for your older brother or sister

BBC science clips play the games and activities, and then test your knowledge in the Quiz section. Are you a super star scientist?

Adding sheet (a1) Print out this adding sheet. The second page has the answers on it.

Barnaby Bear website. Explore with Barnaby on his adventures around the UK and around the World. Play games, read stories and look through his photo album to find out more about our world. Be an explorer and improve your Geography skills!

Check out America on our Around the World in 80 minutes area

CBeebies website.