• Miss T Ellis - Teacher
  • Miss G Williams - Teacher
  • Mrs A Rimmer - TA
  • Mrs K Welding - TA
  • Miss K Burrows - TA
  • Miss S Wilton - 1-1 TA
  • Miss L Wilmitt - 1-1 TA
  • Miss M Stocks - 1-1 TA
  • Miss J Brown - 1-1 TA
  • Miss Ward - 1-1 TA
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Please browse the links below to find useful resources that you can download and print to help your child with their homework and any other learning they may do at home.


Letter mat-help your child learn the alphabet and letter sounds with this colouful mat which shows all lower case letters along with a matching picture.


Number lines-use these number lines to help your child with lots of maths activities like finding one more/one less, adding, taking away... The list is endless!
Number line 0-10, Numberline 0-20, Number line 0-30


Little Animals activity centre  Ks1 resources from the BBC