• Miss T Ellis - Teacher
  • Miss G Williams - Teacher
  • Mrs A Rimmer - TA
  • Mrs K Welding - TA
  • Miss K Burrows - TA
  • Miss S Wilton - 1-1 TA
  • Miss L Wilmitt - 1-1 TA
  • Miss M Stocks - 1-1 TA
  • Miss J Brown - 1-1 TA
  • Miss Ward - 1-1 TA
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  • At least 10 minutes reading to an adult, at least 3 times per week - school reading book/ reading activities (RWI books)
    Children read weekly within their guided reading groups so it is important that they bring their book bags in everyday as to not miss any of their reading days.  Children receive a new guided reading book every week and a RWI book weekly or fortnightly. 
  • Each time a child reads, staff in school tick a star in their charts.  Children receive prizes and stars for their school jars once their charts are full. 


  • Children receive either a piece of literacy, numeracy or topic homework on a Friday; which is to be returned by the following Wednesday.  Children also receive a set of spellings each week. 
    The teachers keep a record of homework received and a small prize and certificate is given once children have completed 10 pieces of homework.