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Class News

School Council News

Saturday 30th September 2017

During Friday's Medal Assembly, Mr Garry announced this year’s new School Council Representatives. During the previous weeks, children in all classes had taken part in a class vote to elect a Class Councilor. All elected councilors stood up at the front of assembly and received a certificate and councilor badge. Councilors will hold their first meeting during the course of next week. 

This year was different, however, as Mr Garry had decided to seek the election of candidates from both the Infant and Early Years departments so that the whole school would be represented in our council. Two representatives have been elected from Year 1 and again from Year 2. Two representatives have also been elected from Reception. These two councilors will act as representatives of the whole of EYFS until the summer term when a nominated member from both morning and afternoon nursery will take up the role. In addition to these changes, a member from last year's school council was nominated to serve another term under the position of 'Head Councilor'. This councilor will oversee the running of the school council with Mr Garry and will act as a mentor to all new councilors. 

Many congratulations to all those who were successfully elected by their peers. Your class clearly has a lot of faith in you and as a school, we too all have faith that you all will bring a positive contribution to our school over the course of the year. 


The elected members from all year groups are as follows:

EYFS - Sienna Houghton & Emily Swift

Year 1 - Ethan Walls & Alex Winstanley

Year 2 - Harley Letts & Lacey Mcevoy

Year 3 - Grace Langton & Rebecca Ashton

Year 4 - Olivia Mower & Charlotte Ashton

Year 5 - Mia Greenwood & Clayton Grimes

Year 6 - Alex Jonkers & Molly Davies

Head Councilor - Alesha Johnston 

Chairperson - Mr Garry

Football Tournament March 2017

Tuesday 28th March 2017

Yesterday, 8 children from year 1 took part in a football tournament at the Liverpool Academy. They took part in different activities to improve their own skills and were a credit to our school. Well done!

World Book Week

Tuesday 28th February 2017

This week is world book week. We are focusing our work on the well known book, Rumble in the Jungle, by Giles Andreae and David Wojtowycz. The children enjoyed spending time with their friends and family members on Monday morning completing some lovely reading and writing activities. Tomorrow we will be visiting Knowsley Safari Park with Year 2 so we thought about some questions we would like to ask the keepers. We wrote them down and included question marks at the end of each sentence! 

Learning Challenge - Why can't meerkats live in the North Pole?

Tuesday 21st February 2017

Our new learning challenge this half term is -

Why can't meerkats live in the North Pole?

We will be learning all about hot and cold places with a focus on the Kalahari Desert and the North Pole.  We will also look at meerkats and polar bears, and how they adapt to their habitats.

Superhero Day!

Friday 10th February 2017
Learning Challenge Landing Event

The children took part in a very special landing event today and dressed up as their favourite superheroes! They had lots of fun creating a 'super' passport detailing their superpowers and names. They also decorated their own cakes and created their superhero masks.


Thursday 9th February 2017

All the children in Year 1 had a fabulous time on Thursday at the St Helens Town Hall, taking part in the annual Songfest. The topic was Once Upon A Time and linked in perfectly with our English topic on Traditional Tales.  Everybody enjoyed performing our class song, "There Goes the Prince" which was all about the story Rapunzel.  The children also loved singing songs about the Three Little Pigs; joining in with the actions and singing with the other schools.  Some children were also lucky enough to be picked for games and role play activities!

Superhero investigations!

Tuesday 31st January 2017

Our learning challenge is all about Materials and superheroes - "Can we bend iron like Superman?".? The children have explored a variety of materials around the school and discussed their properties.? To help us design our own superhero costume, we investigated different materials to see if they were waterproof.? We tested paper, rubber, metal, cotton, plastic and glass by pouring water on top to see if it soaked through.

We were very surprised by our results and found that rubber, plastic metal and glass were all waterproof!


Monday 28th November 2016

Rehearsals for our Christmas Nativity have begun. All infant children will be working very hard together to perfect their roles over the coming weeks. We are all really excited to show off our show to you all.

Tickets are on sale for one of the two performances we are holding in school. Tickets are limited to 2 per family for any one show. Tickets cost £1 each.

Please see your child's class teacher if you require a new letter or have any further questions.

Many thanks, the Infant team.