Design Technology

Design Technology encourages children to foster an inquisitive approach towards the world around them.

The ‘design, make and evaluate’ process that children follow helps them to see how things around them are made / put together and how they can be improved.

All pupils take part in a number of focused practical tasks in which they develop and practise the key skills they need to create a finished product. Once children have mastered these skills, they then use them to make their own products; usuually as part of a topic.

Whilst working in Design Technology, pupils have opportunities to work with a wide range of resources including constructions kits, simple mechanisms, mechanical and electrical components as well as working with a wide selection of materials, tools and techniques.

Pupils are continuously encouraged to develop their own ideas through discussion and modify their work as necessary. They work both individually and in small teams, thus fostering an ethos of learning where a sharing of ideas and skills is encouraged.

We follow the National Curriculum 2014 programmes of study ensuring progression in knowledge, skills and understanding.

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